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The Hurricane Dog Training Challenge

Michael Baugh CDBC CPDT-KSA Hurricane season ends November 30th, and not a moment too soon. This season was particularly brutal, with three major hurricanes hitting U.S. shores in less than a month. The most impactful for us in Houston, of … Continue reading

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Human Centered Dog Training

Michael Baugh CDBC CPDT-KSA Yes, good dog training is mostly about teaching the human. And, there’s absolutely no shame in that. All the stuff our dogs do, their behavior, is largely influenced by their external environment. Some would say behavior … Continue reading

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Dog Bite Prevention

Michael Baugh CDBC CPDT-KSA None of us expects our dogs to bite. Even folks who have dogs who’ve bitten before are still sometimes surprised by their dog’s behavior. The reason is simple. Most dogs don’t bite, and those who do … Continue reading

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Positive Thinking – Positive Training

Michael Baugh CDBC CPDT-KSA You know the look they give us. They cock their head and flash those weary eyes. It’s as if they are saying, “For God’s sake human what are you thinking?” It’s the way our dog, Stewie, … Continue reading

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Adopt. (Haiku)

Michael Baugh CPDT-KSA, CDBC   Rescue Dog Proclaims: I am not guilty as charged. Can we go play now?  

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Good Days and Tad Days

Michael Baugh CPDT-KA, CDBC Seriously, most of my days are good days.  My best days are Tad days. It takes me a little more than an hour to get to the clinic where Tiffany and Tad work. On the way … Continue reading

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Meeting Tad

Michael Baugh CPDT-KA, CDBC I love a good story of redemption.  That’s probably why I’m drawn to dogs we commonly call fearful or aggressive.  They’re the barkers and growlers and lungers and biters.  They walk a hard path and are … Continue reading

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Helping a Fearful Dog

Michael Baugh, CPDT-KA, CDBC (from All Things Dog blog) Dear Michael: My wife and I have a very sweet, intelligent, food-loving, 2 year old female Rough Collie.  She is great on a leash, eager to please, and generally very good in … Continue reading

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Children and Dogs

Guest Blogger, Curtiss Lanham CPDT-KA Children and dogs: what a beautiful image that our minds immediately race to. The ‘Timmy and Lassie’ portrait is quickly conjured up…and they lived happily ever after. Not so fast… The interesting thing is that … Continue reading

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Fearful Dogs

MICHAEL BAUGH, CPDT-KA, CDBC HOUSTON – Fear in dogs is rather common, just as it is in humans. In fact, in both species it’s normal. Fear has an evolutionary function. In the proper context it protects the gene pool. Remember … Continue reading

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