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Houston dog trainer Michael Baugh specializes in canine behavior related to fear and aggression. He’s been a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant since 1999 when he founded North Coast Dogs in Cleveland, Ohio. Michael is a contributing author to the book The Dog Trainer’s Resource and has been honored by the National Dog Writers Association.

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Over the years Michael has worked with thousands of dogs of all breeds.  His passion is counseling people who have dogs with serious behavior problems.  Michael has successfully handled cases of aggression in dogs, extreme timidity and fear, separation anxiety, unruliness and hyperactivity, destructiveness, compulsive barking, and even a case of canine “grief” and depressed behavior.  In addition to those complex issues, Michael enjoys coaching people through the normal developmental stages of puppy-hood and canine adolescence.

Michael is a certified professional dog trainer and a certified dog behavior consultant. He’s also an honors graduate of the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers. Michael studied community counseling at the graduate school of John Carroll University. He has a degree in Communications with a secondary concentration in Psychology from Loyola University of New Orleans. He is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

One Response to About Michael

  1. karen sandy says:

    thank you.
    Thank you for being who you are, for writing the words you write, thoughtfully, clearly, calmly, and with the wisdom of “dog”. Thank you for doing the work you do; especially with the human species as we so often look to the “easy button” or the “new” or “latest” or the “ego” even “bully”
    I often say I am part dog. When I say this, people laugh or smile. Not sure why, cuz I am not trying for that response, just acceptance that I feel “dog”, their eyes, their movement, their responses, their love, their sadness. Though I am as nervous as a dog on the vet’s silver table with taking tests…. I am walking myself into the testing center to do the APDT KA this fall…….
    I look forward to visiting your words on this site. Again, thank you for being, as I say, “part dog”
    karen a sandy

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